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"BETA" turtleneck
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detail of collar shaping function


Ryan models "Beta", the second Hex turtleneck. It is my favorite color combination... orange and white.

I took two garments to make this one. A orange turtleneck, and the sleeves that I'd cut off the robe when I was making "Midori". In a way, this creation ended up being like the sibling to Midori, not just in it's parts, but also in the simple design, and lack of stitching decor.

The sleeves look like they fit loosely, but in actuality, underneath the white parts, are orange cuffed sleeves that fit more snugly.

Here's where things get interesting though... I folded the collar down, to make it shorter, shaped it (longer in back), and sewed pipe cleaners into the top rim of the collar. Thus, the collar can now be formed into a custom shape, as you see in the bottom picture.

This creation is also interesting because it has the Hex logo nowhere on it.   ...but I may add one as a design amendment.


Beta wallpaper (click for hi-res version!)
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if you want to see the old sneak preview pic for Beta, click here.


photos by me (Evan Hayden).

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