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"MEXICO" sleeveless shirt
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Dawn models "Mexico", a really strange shirt.

I took a black long sleeve see through stretch shirt that my friend Marie donated to me and cut off the sleeves. I then took a rather esoteric shirt that I found at a thrift store and cut the front off of it, and stitched that onto the black shirt. I have no idea what the image on the front is supposed to be... I then added random decorative stiching on the front. It actually didn't take nearly as long to make as some of my creations so far.

My goal for this shirt was to make something a bit revealing, yet maintaining good taste. You can't teel from these bad scans, but it's see through in the back and around the stomach, but dark enough that it's not too transparent.



Mexico wallpaper (click for hi-res version!)
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photos by me (Evan Hayden).

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