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"IV" shirt      (aka: Evan's lost his mind.)
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"IV" is, hands-down, the most insane thing I've made, clothing-wise. Whaaaat was I thinking...?

I'm wearing it in the tops two pics. Bug is wearing it in the bottom.  I have other pics of it, but I wasn't that satisfied with the results, so I'll only have these three up for now...

I made it very spontaneously, and it was basically a testing ground for future techniques. I was rooting through clothing scraps, put on the remainder of the turtleneck I used for Alpha, and started safety-pinning various t-shirt scraps to it. I tailored it to XL, but because it's held together with safety pins and not stitches, it's size can be changed in accordance with the body shape of who's wearing it.

After doing the main structure (& tweaking it a lot), I put I.V. (intravenous) bags on it. I also put various kinds of tape all over it.

The next day, I took it outside, put a Hex logo stencil on the back, along with various leaves and grass ( to make patterns), and spray-painted black and flourescent orange all over it. These photos don't do justice to how bright it is...


I.V. wallpaper (click for hi-res version!)
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special thanks to Kortni Howard and Melissa Vogt for taking the pictures.

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