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"DELTA" turtleneck sweater
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Here, I model "Delta", the fourth Hex turtleneck, and one that was a long time coming... It is also perhaps the most advanced Hex garment yet. The chest contains a plastic panel with liquid sealed in it. The liquid moves around depending on how you touch it, and the blue and pink liquids always stay separated. Since I put a metallic silver background behind it, you can see three shifting colors depending on how the person wearing it is moving. It's hard to see from these pics, but behind the panel, it has the Hex logo and says "the future was yesterday".

Way back in January 2001 when I started Hex, I had an idea to make a garment with liquid sealed into it. I had been planning on saving it until the fifth turtleneck, as I was trying to find a way to seal liquid, but it was wayyyy too difficult to do by myself. Luckily, I found a kid's makeup kit / binder that had a plastic cover with this liquid sealed in between, so I cut it off and sewed it, and the black panels, onto a sweater I found at the thrift store. I am rather pleased with how the garment turned out, although it is rather difficult to wear, what with the big, stiff plastic panel on front. It's also probably un-washable, but hey, that's the story on most Hex garments anyway...


special thanks to Carolyn Hayden for taking the pictures.

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