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"BELLE" sleeveless shirt
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details of lace pattern (from front of shirt) and logo (on back).


Valerie models "Belle", the second Hex girl's sleeveless shirt. I actually made it in mid-December 2001, but didn;t get it online until three months later because I had a hard time finding a model for it... I made it out of two shirts and one curtain. After sewing those parts together, I added decorative white stitching and the word "Hex" to the back lower-right side.

This shirt is unique in that it's my first tie-up adjustable size garment. I'm thinking that's a technique I may emply more in the future.

Once again, sorry about the image quiality. My scanner still sucks, and the original prints were a bit underexposed....



Belle wallpaper (click for hi-res version!)
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To see two outtakes, click here and here.
(decent poses, but the lighting was bad)


photos by me (Evan Hayden).

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